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    Afghanistan’s US-built military is crumbling. What went wrong? - Times of India
    KANDHAR: Traditions seem to be happening as fast as the Taliban can travel. In recent days, Afghan security forces have collapsed in several cities under pressure from the Taliban. The attack resulted in mass deliveries, captured helicopters and millions of dollars of US-procured equipment. This collapse comes despite the United States, which has spent more than $ 83 billion on weapons, equipment and training in the country’s security forces for two decades.
    It began with isolated outposts in rural areas where hungry and exhausted ammunition soldiers were surrounded by Taliban fighters and promised safe passage if they surrendered and left their equipment behind. As the positions collapsed, the complaint was the same: There was no air support or supplies and food were depleted.
    But even before that, the systemic weaknesses of the Afghan security forces – which numbered some 300,000 on paper, but in recent days numbered about one-sixth of them, according to US officials – were evident. These shortcomings can be traced to the many issues that have arisen from the West’s insistence on building a fully modern army with all the logistical and supply complexities, and which has proved unsustainable without the US and its NATO allies.
    Soldiers and police have expressed dissatisfaction with the Afghan leadership. Officials turned a blind eye to what was happening, knowing full well that the actual number of Afghan force personnel was much lower than that on the books, distorted by corruption. In an interview after interview, soldiers and police officers described moments of despair and feelings of abandonment.
    On a front line in Kandahar, the inability of Afghan security forces to repel the Taliban has resulted in potatoes. After weeks of fighting, a box full of slimy potatoes had to pass as daily units of a unit. “These french fries are not going to hold those first lines!” shouted an officer. By Thursday, the line had collapsed and Kandahar was under Taliban control until Friday.


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