Afghanistan President Ghani lashes out at Taliban, says they have ‘no will’ for peace – News Vibe24

    Afghanistan President Ghani lashes out at Taliban, says they have 'no will' for peace - Times of India
    KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani’s Eid speech on Tuesday struck the Taliban after three rockets landed near the Presidential Palace, saying the terrorist group’s actions showed it had no “will” for peace.
    “The Taliban have clarified many things. Abdullah told me a few minutes ago that there is no will for peace in the Taliban. We sent the delegation to do the ultimatum and show that we have the will for peace and we are ready to sacrifice for it, but they “The Taliban have no will for peace and we have to make decisions based on that,” Ghani was quoted as saying by Tolo News.
    “Afghanistan’s security and defense forces have made many sacrifices over the last 20 years, especially in the last three months, to defend this land and the honor of this homeland, honestly,” Ghani said.
    He added that he had spent the last week working on an “urgent and practical plan” to overcome the current situation, Tolo News reported.
    “This plan has been prepared. It has two parts in terms of security,” he said.
    He added that part of the plan sets priorities for the security and defense forces.
    He said a firm stance by the people for the next three to six months would change the situation.
    Ghani reiterated the need for national support and national defense, and said the country’s future would be created in Afghanistan by Afghans as well.
    He said the Taliban had “destroyed 260 public buildings” and that if they were Afghans, they should avoid destroying public facilities and people’s homes.
    Ghani added that the government had released 5,000 Taliban prisoners, but that the group was not yet ready for substantive talks.
    Afghan government officials led by the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation and Taliban Abdullah Abdullah met in Doha last week to discuss restoring peace in Afghanistan.
    In recent weeks, Afghanistan has seen an increase in violence as the Taliban have stepped up their attacks on civilians and Afghan security forces with the complete withdrawal of foreign forces just weeks away.


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