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    Afghan official: Mortar attack in Kandahar kills 5 people - Times of India
    Kabul: A mortar shell hit a taxi in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar on Sunday, killing at least five civilians, including two children, an Afghan official said.
    Provincial police spokesman Jamal Nasser Barakzai blamed the Taliban for the attack, although the militants denied responsibility.
    Both the Taliban and the government often accuse each other of attacking civilians in the capital Kabul and elsewhere. The perpetrators are rarely identified and the public is rarely informed of the results of violence investigations.
    Fighting between the Taliban and Afghanistan’s national security and defense forces has intensified in recent months as US and NATO troops complete their withdrawal from the war-torn country. The Taliban are now trying to seize the provincial capitals, having already occupied smaller administrative areas in recent months.
    A spokesman for the Afghan Armed Forces, General Ajmal Omar Shinwari, told a news conference on Sunday that three provinces in southern and western Afghanistan were facing critical security situations. The army is trying to stop the Taliban movement in Helmand province, he added.
    Southern Kandahar – the birthplace of the Taliban – as well as the provinces of Helmand and Herat have witnessed several attacks.
    Helmand provincial council chief Ataullah Afghan said the Taliban had increased their forces in the provincial capital, Lashar Gah, on Sunday, confirming that the rebels now had control of the city’s seventh district.


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