Scholarship-Studying master’s degree in Europe

The high price of masters and the limited offer of scholarships in Spain to counteract this high price, moves more and more young people to seek a training opportunity outside their country.
International studies every day are more demanded by a very curious youth and eager to continue their training abroad. Some of the countries that offer these young people the opportunity to train are, among others, Denmark, Sweden or Finland.

Denmark , as a member country of the European Union, offers an other option to European subjects so that they can train for free in their universities. The main objective of this program is to attract the best qualified young people so that they can expand their training, which will result in better trained workers.

Sweden is another country that offers a wide range of scholarships to do a master’s degree in their universities. The cost of university fees for the masters is zero. The lodging and the maintenance will be the expenses that will have to cover during the stay in this country.

Finland is one of the countries of the European Union in the lead in terms of education. The free educational offer is offered in English, so the mastery of this language is essential. The universities have established networks of contacts with different companies, which facilitates the labor insertion.

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