Most grant programs mull over extracurricular exercises, Leadership Awards and prioritize extracurricular activities to define their winners.
Among the extracurricular activities that are generally considered and recommended are:

  • Social Commitment: Volunteer activities in organizations that provide community support, which propel ventures of: change, education, environment, health, the elderly, children and youth, indigenous peoples, human rights, among others; or then again investment in associations that give administrations to the group, such as firefighters.
  • Leadership: Leadership related to being a director or member of student associations of your college or university, of youth organizations, student organizations, social organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), participation in political activities, participation in forums or meetings of youth leaders National and international.
  • Proficient: correlative examinations courses, seminars and others related to the career that you indicate that you are interested in studying. (1)
    Sports and artistic activities (2) and social activities such as participation in beauty reigns are generally NOT considered in the evaluations by the selection committees of the scholarship programs.

Since speaking English is a requirement in many programs, DO NOT include English studies as an extra curricular activity, if you want to add them, you must place them in the “other studies” section.
1 For example, if you speak 5 languages ??and have an interest in studying International Relations, speaking several languages ??strengthens your application, but if you are going to study Civil Engineering, you lose weight, with which you speak the language used in the university and / or the language of the country of Destination is more than enough.
2 Except those that are included in a portfolio to apply for a talent scholarship or serve as an argument to say that as you are a high performance athlete (something you should demonstrate, for example by saying that you are part of the athletes of the national Olympic cycle ), you do not have time to dedicate yourself to other activities, especially those related to leadership and social commitment, since you would also like to contribute in those plans to the country.

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