In this article, I want to show the basic steps that I recommend to follow postgraduate and scholarships abroad. Although the article focuses on the process to apply for masters programs, these same steps can serve as a guide to apply for a PhD.

Recommendations for searching and applying for a master’s program

  • Make a list of the countries in which it is most interesting to study, for whatever reason.
  • Then, based on the rankings, review the universities and programs that exist in each country and read in detail the content of each program. The result of this should be a list of the programs you like the most. This is a job that takes time but is worth doing as it helps you understand what you would really like to study and discover programs that you may have never imagined existed.
  • From this list choose at least 5 programs to which you want to apply.
  • Review the requirements to apply to each of the programs. You will realize that most will be asked for almost the same documents: Diploma or certificate of the undergraduate degree, certificate of grades, motivation essay, professional recommendation letter, letter of academic recommendation, TOEFL or IELTS, etc.
  • WARNING: Ignore completely review the cost of the programs. Do not do it out of curiosity because this can generate a mental block that will not allow you to continue with the process.
  • Develop a schedule to ready all you need to apply, having very clear deadline that you will give universities.
  • The last step, which is the most important (and may sound very obvious but usually always find an excuse for not doing), is to apply! If you do not apply, you will never know if you are eligible or not. Currently, it is possible to apply online and without cost to most universities in the world, which greatly facilitates the process.
    When and how to apply for a scholarship?
  • It is important that you do not wait to find the scholarship you need to apply for the master’s degree you want. The scholarship search process must be parallel to the application to the master’s degree programs; That search can be done while receiving the answer from the universities to which you have applied.
  • One of the requirements of most scholarship programs for master’s studies is that the candidate
    has already been accepted by the university, so it is important to give priority to apply for the master’s program. In some cases, the applications for the master’s degree and the scholarship are made simultaneously, and in very few cases the scholarship program accepts to apply without the candidate having started the application process for the master’s program.
  • When it is clear to which universities and programs you are applying, it is easier to know which scholarships you can access. Most universities offer scholarships or have agreements with scholarship programs of organizations or governments to which you can apply. Universities generally publish this information on their web pages or have a department in charge (usually the admissions department) to which this information can be requested.
  • The documents to apply for the scholarships are basically the same as to apply to the universities, this means that if you have already applied to the master’s degree programs, a large part of the work to apply for the scholarships is already done and very little is done. that he has to add.
  • Most governments, within their international cooperation programs, offer scholarships to
    international students . This information can be found on the website of the international cooperation agency of the government of the country where you want to study or on the website of the embassy of that government in your country.

The complete process to apply for master’s and scholarship programs must begin at least one year in advance in order to make the corresponding procedures, meet the requirements or documents that may be missing and reach to apply on time.

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